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Viney Vadhera, the Mask Man

June 10, 2020 03:05 PM

An accomplished painter, Viney lives in the world of representations, from masks, drawings, paintings, art direction and much more. With many feathers in his cap including art direction for the prestigious Train to Pakistan, he talks to Roopam Singh about his art and life.

Q: How are you placed now, with so much behind you and a fan following?
A: My current and permanent stance about success in my profession will always be of gratitude and humility. Creating a legacy in art is not an overnight success event. It takes a lot of rigour, time and hard work to get the perfect strokes in your work so that they stand out amongst the crowd. This lifelong journey in my successful art career is without any doubt a humbling experience. One should never lose sight of their humble beginnings because it keeps you anchored enough to steer through a successful future ahead in your lives. 

Q: Your last exhibition was online and very successful. How was the experience? 

A: Due to the current pandemic, physical exhibitions were not possible. Interestingly the rising usage of social media amongst people gave me a great insight of displaying my art work online. I recently released a digital exhibition in collaboration with Chandigarh Lalit Kala academy. The art work was a reflection of how Corona has affected all our lives. I wanted to land a message of positivity and awareness amongst people with a sense of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Like everything else, these tough times too shall pass.

Q: The pandemic is here to last for a while. What are your upcoming projects?

A: I believe that an artist is an observer. He observes and absorbs what is happening in the society and then articulates a reflection of the same on the canvas. Considering how much humanity is affected by Corona in today’s time my future projects will also be revolving around creating impactful and meaningful art for the same.

Q: How do you feel about working in Chandigarh ? Or would you rather be in New Delhi or Mumbai?

A :To be honest, Chandigarh is one of the best launchpads for an artist to develop his art. The whole city is an artistic marvel designed on Le Corbusier’s canvas. The scenic beauty and vibes of this city are so aesthetically located that it is an infinite source of inspiration for young and budding artists. No doubt New Delhi & Mumbai are both amazing cities with a history in art. But my personal preference and heart goes to Chandigarh because of how this city is a complete package in its own unique way for an artist.

Q: What's your message to the industry with the onslaught of Corona?

A: These are tough times for artists indeed. Galleries are shut and people are scared to move out of businesses. But yet thanks to technology we have access to a virtual gallery for millions of people. I would personally appeal to my fellow artists to not lose hope and in fact focus their energy on internalizing this whole experience to make impactful art. We should consider this Corona episode as a potent opportunity to inspire and motivate the public. As an artist it is in fact our duty to provide ease and hope to those who have been affected by this pandemic. So do not give up on your brushes paint till you know that you have given something positive and helpful to the society.

(The interviewer has two decades of experience in cultural critique and French language training in India, France and Bangladesh. She gives online French tutorials and can be reached at

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