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Gods in the world of Corona

Ajay Bhardwaj | April 14, 2020 11:00 PM

Coming from Wuhan in China, novel coronavirus has brought the entire world to its knees, and has paralysed, partially or completely, people in all walks of life. It is lockdown all around. Human beings are cut off from one another in anticipation of decimating the virus decisively.

But one is amazed to see that the scourge has not spared even the gods, who have been seemingly sustaining humanity since times immemorial. All doors to public worshipping places like temples, gurdwaras, mosques and churches are shut. Devotees are no more thronging the places of worship and the gods are left forlorn.

For once the relevance of public worshipping places has come under cloud. Do we really need them ?.

As humanity faces one of the worst existential crises in recent history in the face of the new coronavirus attack across the globe, the irrelevance of public worshipping places has come out starkly.

Besides doing the physical devastation, has the novel coronavirus also brought a cultural message from China speaking aloud that not god, but you alone can save yourself.

As China has never allowed any public places of worship, the new coronavirus is covertly telling you....God is dead, long live the God!

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