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CORONA MUSINGS : Amid worries, lockdown has brought some cheers too

Jyotsna Lakhanpal | April 18, 2020 05:22 PM

Coronavirus has put the world under quarantine. Never in our lives has such an event occurred that ordered millions, across the world, to stay at home. This situation is causing widespread anxiety, but on a brighter note, it is giving me joy having a family together. My kids left home for college education and now, live far away due to their jobs. I never thought this would happen, but now once more we are all together. After many years, we all have been going for walks and doing other activities together like playing board games and watching movies together.

 This lockdown is teaching me how to spend money smartly and live with basic necessities. The household expenses have gone down because we are only buying essentials. My family is learning to adapt and learning to live a simple life.  Eating habits in the family have changed as well. Rather than eating out and buying fast food,  kids are eating healthy food at home which gives me satisfaction.

 I like the way life was a few generations before. People used to live a simple and peaceful life in a less polluted environment and were happy. So, in many ways, this is forcing us to reevaluate our lifestyle. Lockdown is also teaching me to be creative at home. I have picked up new hobbies and I use zoom to attend religious meetings with my friends.

Every day there are new deaths due to coronavirus. The downfall of the economy does not bother me as much as learning about these deaths does. Moving forward, life cannot be the same. I am not sure when this virus will be eradicated, but it is teaching me and my family how to survive and adapt to a new situation. Last but not least, it has taught my family how to be hygienic and how to be more vigilant during the regular flu season.

(The writer is a California-based school teacher)

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