BJP condemnds injudicious Covid restrictions where Liquor shops flourishing, traders and poor people suffering

May 06, 2021 02:14 PM

Chandigarh, May 6:

The Punjab BJP today condemned Chief Minister Amarinder Singh for putting traders and shopkeepers to extreme hardships while executing  Covid restrictions in the state.

Punjab BJP president Ashwani Sharma , in a statement today, regretted that while liquor shops have been allowed to run their normal business traders, shopkeepers and roadside vendors have been put to severe restrictions.

He said  traders and shopkeepers were facing hardship in running their businesses and earning their livelihood.. Sharma wondered what kind of restrictions have been imposed where  the Punjab government has allowed banks, government offices and liquor shops, which usually witness huge rush, to operate

While demanding an economic relief packgae for trading and business class,  the BJP president suggested that Covid restrictions should take care of the interests of all classes alike. "While the government should ensure availability of essential commodities , proper care must be taken to ensure that the sources of livelihood of people were not lost due to Covid restrictions", Sharma demanded.

He said along with judicisous imposition of restrictionms there was a dire need to improve the heatlcare infrastructure in Punjab. "The Amarinder government, in fact, kept sleeping over the matter for all these years because of which today we are seeing that the government has no staff to run ventilators and the state government is handing over ventilators to provate hospitals," Sharma bemoaned.

He said it would be a cruel joke on poor people who normally look for medical aid and assistance in the government civil hospitals. "Now for ventilators they would have to go to private hospitals which have exorbitant costs and thus make health sevices inaccessible for the poor", Sharma added while demanding that the state government should make sure that poor patients were not exploited by the privvate hospitals during the severe pandemic days.

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