Circus of sorts in Punjab Congress to adjust Sidhu

July 18, 2021 05:33 PM

Ajay Bhardwaj 

Never has a political party been in such a mess just to accommodate a leader who has been in the woods for three long years and makes a reappearance close to the Vidhan Sabha elections. 

Navjot Sidhu,  who quit the state cabinet after his portfolio was reshuffled due to controversies he had generated in the Local Bodies department, within one and a half years of his tenure, now needs to be rehabilitated. 

He remained in wilderness for almost three years without making any public contribution. Now when the state Assembly elections are at hands he is asking for a pie of flesh for which the Congress is bamboozled to the last end. 

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh's demand that till he apologises for his indiscretion there are no chances of bridges between the two has made the party high command lose its wits.

Party's state observer Harish Rawat's contribution to compounding the mess has been no less. He went to cut birthday cake with Sidhu sending uncomfortable feelers to  Capt Amarinder, but made no progress.  His tongue slips in front of the media,  at times, seemed more guided by the high command than to mean business. 

A circus of sorts is taking place in the party now. Sidhu is meeting all kind of leaders, God knows for what, and PCC president has called a meeting of MLAs etc, and to what end ?

Just to make sure Sidhu doesn't join AAP? 

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