Within a Fortnight Navjot Loses his First Wicket

August 27, 2021 12:27 PM

Chandigarh,  August 27

Punjab PCC president Navjot Sidhu loses his first wicket as his advisor Malvinder Malli resigned from his office. 

Malli has been under fire ever since his appointment as an  advisor for his separatist remarks on J&K and reflecting Indira Gandhi on his Facebook account wearing garland of skulls. 

A retired school teacher Malli had a checkered career because of his radical outbursts. 

After his appointment he firmly told the media that he had not joined the Congress and was playing a limited role of advisor. 

Navjot had received his first set back when former Punjab Police DG Mohammad Mustafa had declined to accept the post of Sidhu's advisor. 

Sidhu later compromised by designating Mustafa as strategic advisor. 

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