Sidhu bulldozing Punjab cabinet, Rawat building bridges with Pakistan: Chugh

September 22, 2021 05:55 PM

Chandigarh, Sept 22:

BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today questioned if the new Punjab chief minister Charanjit Channi was being "bulldozed" by Punjab PCC president Navjot Sidhu.

In a statement here Chugh said the way Sidhu has been overbearingly guiding and accompanying the chief minister and the two deputy chief ministers was a clear indication of the AICC that Sidhu would be calling shots in Punjab and the rest of the cabinet would play second fiddle to him.

Chugh said he was surprised at the manner the chief minister and the two deputy chief ministers were being made to play a subservient role under his overbearing presence.

Chugh asked AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi if they had to make the chief minister and his deputies tools in the hands of Sidhu then why did the AICC high command not appoint Sidhu as a chief minister.

"The Congress has heaped an insult of the people of Punjab by making this kind of an arrangement for the government to run", he said.

Chugh also lambasted Harish Rawat, the Congress observer for Punjab, for saying that Pakistan Army chief Gen Bajwa was his " Punjabi Bhai".

"If this is the kind of anti-national sentiment the Congress is going to spread in Punjab the BJP would oppose it tooth and nail and expose the anti-national designs of the Congress in Punjab", Chugh added.

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