Abduction case registered against Amritpal Singh, 25 others

February 17, 2023 12:41 PM
The Punjab Police have registered a case of abduction and intimidation against chief of Waris Punjab De Amritpal Singh and 25 others on the complaint filed by Morinda-based resident Virender Singh.
In his complaint Virender Singh alleged that he was abducted at gun-point  from one of the Damdami Taksal deras and was subjected to third degree treatment as he had questioned the propagation of Sikhism being done by Amritpal Singh in Punjab.
He said in his complaint that he was taken to Amritsar from his native place in Ropar district and was threatened by gun-wielding persons in the presence of Amritpal Singh.
He said he was left at an abandoned place near Jandiala Guru from where he travelled back at the dead of night.
It may be added Amritpal had recently wedded a UK-based girl. Coming from Dubai he has been engaged in "amrit paan"and deaddiction campaign in Punjab with gun-toting bodyguards. There have been questions about his sudden appearance on the Punjab scene as he tried to revive the memories of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, both in terms of his attire and the alleged reforms among the Singh.
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