TAWA-N-TANDOOR Delights at Hotel Shivalikview


Hotel Shivalikview launched the TAWA-N-TANDOOR festival, an extraordinary culinary experience showcasing a variety of tantalizing non-vegetarian and vegetarian delights.

Sleep loss for 5 consecutive nights fosters negativity

London - Not getting enough sleep? Read this carefully. Researchers have found that an inadequate amount of sleep for five consecutive nights can negatively affect emotional processing, causing behavioural and neurofunctional changes.

Narayana Health gives hope and a new life to the patient from Chandigarh

Chandigarh - Bangalore based Narayana Health Cityhas treated a complicated CTEPH (Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension) condition patient from city beautiful Chandiagrh giving him new life .

Wuhan Coronavirus 'Super-Spreaders' Could Be Wildcards

Stopping the spread of a rapidly emerging disease takes masterful medical detective work, including tracing the people who have been infected and figuring out their web of contacts, steps that are vital to understanding how it’s being transmitted. US public health officials are following those trails to quickly detect new cases of the Wuhan coronavirus, including the report on Thursday of a sixth US infection—the husband of a woman who became ill after traveling from China back home to Chicago—which was followed by a seventh, in California, on Friday.

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