Narayana Health gives hope and a new life to the patient from Chandigarh

February 23, 2020 08:08 AM

Chandigarh - Bangalore based Narayana Health Cityhas treated a complicated CTEPH (Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension) condition patient from city beautiful Chandiagrh giving him new life .

CTEPH disease is serious in nature with outcome similar to Lung cancer in untreated disease. This disease is difficult to diagnose and initially patients are treated for Asthma, TB before coming to a referral centre.  PTE (Pulmonary thromboendarterectomy)surgery is a complex surgical procedure and is being performed in few selected centers across the world.

Narayana Health City has now experience of performing 700+ PTE surgeries till date. Doctors from Narayana Health CityDr. Basha J Khan and Dr. Julius Punnenand their experienced team did this skilled surgery and gave a ray of hope to Mr. Anil.

Mr. Anil,a resident of Chandigarh was busy in attending guests and other work in his son’s wedding. After performing some of the rituals, suddenly he started serious bouts of cough with blood.Within a minute his hand was full of blood. This sight of blood made hisfamily members scared and he was immediately taken to the Hospital. The treatment of cleaning his lungs was conducted. After that these repeated episodes of bleeding while coughing continued, but none of the hospital could find the real cause and the solution. And this was the time his life went entirely at stake because of such bleeding and he was taken to the Narayana Health Cityas per one of Mr. Anil’s friend’s suggestion. Here he was diagnosed with CTEPH and the treatment was started.

Dr. Basha J Khan, Senior Consultant Pulmonology/ Intensive Care, Medical Director- Lung Transplant, Narayana Health CityCity, Bangaloresaid that, “CTEPH is basically caused by chronic blood clots in the lungs that become scar like tissue which further block or narrow the pulmonary vessels. And while conducting PTE we remove such clots which is curative in 90 percent cases. As PTE surgery is potentially curative in nature, we should always look for CTEPH in unexplained cause of Pulmonary Hypertesion”

Symptoms like chest heaviness with exertion, shortness of breath, fatigue decline of exercise capabilities, palpitation are the initial symbols of the occurrence of CTEPH but at the same time they are indications of other respiratory diseases as well. Immediately see a doctor if facing any of these symptoms as early diagnosis and treatment is the key or else further it worsens the condition.

Dr. Julius Punnen, Senior Consultant- Cardiothoracic Surgery, Heart and Lung Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices, Narayana Health CityCity, Bangaloresaid that, “In recent times some advancements have taken place in the process of diagnosis of CTEPH.Still repeated unsuccessful visits to hospitalsand late treatments resulting inlife threatening conditions are common in this regard. It gives us immense pleasure to see Mr. Anil back to his normal life after facing such conditions.”

Paying his heartfelt regards to both of the doctors Mr. Anil said that, “It has restored my faith in God. The repeated visits to doctors and hospitals given tough time to my family. The worst condition came when my entire life went at stake because of these repeated episodes of bleeding and Narayana Health Cityand its experienced doctors emerged as life saver.”

CTEPH symptoms are non-specific which often leads to under diagnosis and mis diagnosis as another disease. While it can be life threatening, it’s the only type of PH that can be cured with PTE surgery.

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