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Operation Blue Star resonates KSLF in Kasauli

Kasauli: Was Operation Blue Star avoidable ? Was it a botched up operation ? What was it all about ?

KSLF starts with call for improving Indo-Pak ties

Kasauli: The 11th edition of the three-day Khushwant Singh Literary festiva l took off here on Friday with a call for improving the Indo-Pak relations so that the cultural ties between the two countries kept thriving.

Green KSLF bounces back with the theme, THE CLIMATE OF CHANGE: Are we sprightly at 75?

As the nation commemorates 75th year of Independence the Khushwant Singh Litfest in Kasauli bounces back in the post-pandemic times with a vision to reflect on ” Can our ancient, unchanging land be the catalyst for this year’s Climate of Change?


Meenakshi Sud is a highly acclaimed Yoga practitioner who has devoted her entire life to learning and teaching this ancient science. From a very high lineage of Yoga masters, she devotes all her time to teaching, healing and curing ailments which has made her close to a household name in the Tricity.

Viney Vadhera, the Mask Man

An accomplished painter, Viney lives in the world of representations, from masks, drawings, paintings, art direction and much more. With many feathers in his cap including art direction for the prestigious Train to Pakistan, he talks to Roopam Singh about his art and life.

CORONA MUSINGS : Crumbling cookie of migrants

The syndrome of migration, portrayed with such brutal realism by Bimal Roy in his path-breaking movie Do Bigha Zameen in 1953, has turned full circle. The unskilled migrant workers from UP, Bihar, Jharkhand etc who had thronged the industrial cities of the country are clamouring to go back!

Mera Kuch Samaan rocks on

Balpreet Kaur, a veteran journalist, has ventured extensively into the short films. Now she has three short films to her credit. Her latest venture, Mera Kuch Samaan, released on PTC Punjabi Box Office hit the screens on May 15. A renowned Art critic Roopam Singh talks to her about her latest venture.

CORONA MUSINGS : Life May Not Be The Same Again

Our life as we knew has gone through an upheaval. Job losses, business closures, education disruption, lack of friendly personal banter are all affecting the human psyche. Each one is fending off negativity through forced positive action to keep self and family smiling against this present oddity.

Corona Musings : A horrifying spell of uncertainties

Trains, buses and planes are out of operation. Salons, spas and barber shops are closed . Even during hours of brief relaxation most of the shops stay closed because nobody needs the stuff they have on sale. Garments , shoes and beauty-aids are no one's priority.

CORONA MUSINGS : New Lessons, New Warnings

The appalling situation has made me realise that there is nothing filmy or dramatic that we confront in a cinema or a theatre hall; anything can happen anytime. Nobody could have imagined today’s situation.

Liquor at your doorstep. So ?

The State governments have been chafing for quite some time over the extended lockdown affecting the excise revenue. The losses have been colossal and the alternatives non-existent. Along with the tax on petrol and diesel

Give dreams freedom to thrive!

Prospero , in Shakespeare’s “Tempest”  philosophizes  on life when he says that human life is such stuff as dreams are made on. Likewise , in his pastoral comedy “As You Like It” , Jaques says that all the world is a stage , meaning thereby that humans only make their entries to play their roles and then make an exit when the text of the drama comes to a conclusion.

Corona Musings : Blowing Conches, Missing the Anthem

I am sure that if we had acknowledged our inability in community singing or creating a community orchestra, then the self-imposed lockdown of March 22, 2020, would not have ended as a farce in the streets while blowing conches, ringing bells and beating other assorted instruments from the kitchen. We were destined to do what we did, not having ever been made to sing our National Anthem in unison

CORONA MUSINGS : Amid worries, lockdown has brought some cheers too

Coronavirus has put the world under quarantine. Never in our lives has such an event occurred that ordered millions, across the world, to stay at home. This situation is causing widespread anxiety, but on a brighter note, it is giving me joy having a family together.

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